Consent Statement

This consent statement should be read in conjunction with our privacy notice and information on our research.

Taking Part in Our Research

You must confirm you have

  • Read and understood Our Research information or it has been read to you.

  • Been able to ask questions about the study and had your questions answered to your satisfaction.

And that you:

  • Consent voluntarily to be a participant in our research and understand that you can refuse to answer questions and I can withdraw at any time, without having to give a reason.

  • Understand that taking part in the study involves one of more interviews with an experienced researcher and the completion of a number of electronic surveys.

We will make audio recording of the interview unless you don’t want us to. We will write up each interview (using notes and/or the audio recording) but you and your family will not be identified in this written record. All material (including audio recordings) will be stored safely and only the research team can access it.

You will complete the questionnaires and will be unsupervised when you do. The results will be stored securely and only accessible to the researchers. We will transfer, process and retain the information collected as described in our privacy notice.

Use of the Information in the Research

You understand the information provided will be used to enable us to support our developers to produce the best app possible. Anonmysed, aggregated information will be used to demonstrate to investors the demand that exists in the market, and the rationale for developing the app and informing its future roadmap.

You understand that personal information collected about you that can identify you such as your name or where you live will not be shared beyond the research team.

You agree that anonymised quotes can be used to illustrate market views on the research subjects.

You agree to joint copyright of any written information provided to Enewable Limited.

Future use and reuse of the information by others

You give permission for:

  • transcripts and audio recordings of interviews

  • written submissions

  • electronic questionnaire answers

you provide to be held in electronic form by Enewable Limited on its service provider's servers so it can be used for future research, learning, and commercial activities (in the final point, anonymously).

Contact for Further Information

You can contact the researchers contacting