Purpose of Our Research

In our research we want to get an understanding of people’s views on a number of subjects. We are particularly interested in:

  • How people describe, and their attitudes towards, the environment.

  • The aspects of environmental impact people most want to reduce.

  • The solutions people wish to adopt to reduce their environmental impacts.

  • How people interact with their mobile phones.

  • The way people recommend apps to others.

This will support our developers to produce the best app possible.

What is Involved in Participating

Those who consent to participate ('design subjects') will be interviewed by an experienced researcher and complete a number of electronic questionnaires. You may also make written submissions e.g. diaries of activity.

Interviews will take place at a time convenient for you over the Internet, recognising the constraints placed on society by the COVID-19 pandemic. Interviews will be confidential, conducted in private and last between 60 and 90 minutes. There will just be you and the interviewer, unless you would like someone else to be present with you.

If you decide to take part, then you will be asked to review and agree to our consent statement to say that you have agreed to be interviewed. The consent statement should be read in conjunction with our privacy notice.

Benefits and Risks of Participating

Some of this things we will be talking about are considered personal subjects, so the interview may be difficult for you. If you do find the interview difficult then we can support you to find further help, and if you want we can take breaks during the interview or continue at another time. If there are things that you do not wish to talk about then that is fine - please just tell us.

The main benefit of participating is you will influence the development of an app which will help UK residents, and potentially citizens of other nations, to take action to reduce their environmental impacts. Many commentators describe the world facing an environmental emergency - we hope our app will go some way to ameliorating the associated problems.

Procedures for Withdrawal

You do not have to take part in the research if you do not want to. You can stop participating in the research at any time and you do not have to give any reason for doing this. Please tell the researcher you are in contact with - either via email or verbally - and we will end your participation immediately. You can also request the erasure of your personal information which we hold.

Usage of the Data during Research, Dissemination, Storage, Publishing and Archiving

Information will be shared between members of the research team, but will not go any further. We may use quotes from your interviews when we write up our findings, but, these will be anonymised*, so that you and your family are not identifiable. The reasons we might have to consider passing on confidential information are detailed in our privacy notice.

We will need to keep some basic information about you (such as contact information) to help us arrange the interviews but this will be kept securely (and separately from all other project information) with only the research team being able to access it.

We would like to audio-record the interview unless you don’t want us to. We will write up each interview (using notes and/or the audio recording) but you and your family will not be identified in this written record. All material (including audio recordings) will be stored safely and only the research team can access it.

We will write about the research in different ways, such as reports, newsletters and other publications. We will use the research to refine our app's development roadmap. If you would like to hear more about the company's progress, please do tell us.

We will transfer, process and retain the information collected as described in our privacy notice. Design subjects should anticipate that the retention period for our initial studies will be up to ten years.

* we anonymise an interview by removing anything that is readily identifiable. So we would take out your name (initials); we will remove information about your job or occupation (unless it is in some way relevant to the information we are collecting); and we will take out anything else which might act as an important clue as to who you are. Of course, if you read a quote in one of our reports, you may be able to remember that it was something that you said, but there should be nothing in the quote to tell anybody else that it was you who said this.

Our Research

Our research is funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.

You can contact the researchers or file a complaint by contacting research@enewable.earth.